Andrew Millen

Memphis-based designer, developer, copywriter, and Jurassic Park enthusiast. I also take pictures and write about the Grizzlies.

Memphis T-shirt
Grizzly Bear Blus Live Logo
Greenline Bridge
Driftwood at La Push Beach

"The play draws on Inboden's life to tell the story of a group of warriors - not victims, they insist - living life in the wake of unspeakable tragedy."

On-Stage Warriors (PDF)

Tire in an Alley
Moneyball Minimal Movie Poster
Houndog Mascot
Low Poly Memphis: Playhouse
Dorm Desk

"In the peaceful quiet before every home game, every seat was draped in a yellow towel that bore the phrase, 'Believe Memphis.' It was a slogan, a chant, and a rallying cry. It was a request, and a command. It was an assurance."

Believe Memphis (PDF)

Winchester Farm Website
Memphis Subway Destinations
Dorm Chapel, Rhodes College

"As the runners approach the finish line, Harmon Sr. recites the Special Olympics athlete's oath: "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

Road Warriors (PDF)

Low Poly Memphis: Rendezvous
Mustang Vexel
Commercial Buildings, Downtown Memphis
Firefly Catalyzer
Love is Christmas Script
Baby Bird at Lake Tuscaloosa

"Phelps is not a cut-rate security firm -- we're not interested in compromise when it comes to your safety."

Phelps Security Content Strategy (PDF)

Low Poly Jurassic Park: Raptor Cage

"If you're worried that bumping our veterans out of the lineup could disrupt the locker room dynamic, I'd say you haven't been watching Tony Allen on the bench in the last month."

A Little Lee-Way 

Moebius Mixtape Album Art
MUS Civic Service Carnival
Fiat Punto Vexel